Solutions for Radiation Oncology

Oncora Medical builds software to revolutionize radiotherapy. Our platform is a data-focused workflow, documentation, clinical decision support, and analytics engine for radiation oncologists. We integrate data from existing clinical systems and normalize data to standardized ontologies to create a real time research-grade store of clinical data. We use this integrated data to drive smart workflows around encounters, treatment planning, treatment delivery, and follow up. We train predictive models of patient outcomes, and present the information to physicians through intuitive visualizations. By personalizing each patient's treatment using machine learning methods, we help physicians make confident decisions to create better outcomes for their patients.

Workflow and Documentation

Custom designed for radiation oncologists

Oncora’s Platform is custom tailored for the radiation oncology workflow from consult to follow-up. By integrating data from clinical systems, we provide a holistic view of the schedule and the patient, and offer pre-populated screens to simplify clinical data entry. The streamlined process enables doctors to complete forms efficiently while still in the room with the patient. The data entry screens are customized for each phase of the radiation therapy workflow and for each disease site including breast, GU, GYN, head and neck, CNS, pediatrics, leukemia and lymphoma, GI, melanoma and sarcoma, and thoracic. Detailed and compliant notes are automatically generated and sent to the EHR. The clinical data capture and workflow functionality has been developed in collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Oncora platform for workflow and documentation has been proven in high volume cancer care.

  • Use an application custom designed for radiation oncologists

  • Generate more complete documentation in less time

  • Capture critical data elements to support future learning and research

  • Efficiently manage the radiation therapy workflow

Clinical Decision Support

Personalized data-driven treatment planning

Knowing a patient’s susceptibility to different toxicities is crucial for creating a plan to optimize patient outcomes. Oncora’s machine learning algorithms identify past patients similar in characteristics and disease progression to the current patient. This allows physicians to view prior similar patients to understand and learn from their treatment outcomes. Alternate treatment options are presented for each patient based on treatments given in the past to these similar patients. Each treatment option is provided along with an assessment of toxicity and cure probabilities associated with the proposed treatment.

  • Understand each patient’s unique risk profile

  • Use data driven approaches to balance a patient’s chance of cure with their risk of toxicity

  • Use real-world learning from past patients to improve outcomes for the next patient


Discover trends in research-grade real-world data

The Oncora platform unites data from many sources including Electronic Health Records, Tumor Registries, Radiation Oncology Information Systems, and Treatment Planning Systems. Automated processes extract data from source systems and map to industry standard ontologies to convert clinical data to a real-time store of real-world evidence. Visualizing high-dimensional, holistic patient data via intuitive, interactive tools provides doctors and researchers with tremendous opportunities to derive insight to drive research and clinical care, learning from every patient’s experience and outcome.

  • Quickly identify patient cohorts for study or followup

  • Understand which patient populations are most at risk for radiation induced toxicities and unplanned hospitalizations

  • Gain insight into relationships between patient characteristics, treatment modalities and outcomes

  • Understand the synergistic effects of multiple modalities of care including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy