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Oncora Patient Care uses adaptive data capture technology to identify and collect the most important oncology data elements for each patient naturally in the physician’s workflow.

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Improve clinical documentation and workflow

Use an application custom-designed for radiation oncologists and proven in high-volume cancer care.

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Generate more complete documentation in less time

Spend less time on documentation, and more time with patients with disease-specific data capture tools.

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Learn from every patient

Get the right treatment to the right patient by turning critically important data into actionable insights. Learn from a previous patient’s health history, treatment plan and outcome.

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Scientists rely on Oncora Analytics for real world data generated across clinical sources including detailed oncology outcomes data and imaging. Interactively identify patient cohorts, examine available data, and quickly report on outcomes.

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Reliable, auditable research-grade data

The bar for regulatory-grade real world data is ever-increasing. Oncora's platform allows auditable data provenance tracking on a per-data element, per-patient basis for maximum accountability.

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Discover trends in research-grade real-world data

Use analytics to identify research questions, establish patient cohorts for clinical trials, and gain insight into relationships between patient characteristics, treatment modalities, and outcomes.

scientists - third point - cleaned.png Clark K, Vendt B, Smith K, et al. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): Maintaining and Operating a Public Information Repository. Journal of Digital Imaging. 2013; 26(6): 1045-1057. doi: 10.1007/s10278-013-9622-7.

Imaging + outcomes

Incorporate not just survival data, but also detailed quality of life data obtained through validated physician and patient reported measures along with detailed anatomical data through planning and diagnostic imaging studies.

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Hospitals, cancer centers and community clinics can all use Oncora Patient Care and Oncora Analytics to improve operations, revenue, and most importantly, patient outcomes.

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Collect data

Help your physicians capture crucial billing data and quality data during the course of routine clinical care.

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Enhance quality

Use Oncora Quality Metrics (a module within Oncora Patient Care) to measure quality of care using validated and custom metrics. Report on results effortlessly through our Qualified Registry.

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Quantify value

Combine treatment decisions, total cost of care data, and outcomes in one platform to measure and demonstrate value to key stakeholders such as CMS, private payers, and patients. Improve prior authorization with predicted treatment response.

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