Harness the power of oncology data with cutting-edge predictive analytics

In a growing sea of patient data, oncologists must chart a new course.

The current paradigm of cancer treatment will be stretched thin by the growth of the modern world.

Big data is getting bigger

The diagnosis and treatment of a cancer patient generates billions of bytes of data. Notes from specialists, imaging scans from radiology, and numerical data from lab testing all need to be integrated to provide patients with the best care.

More Patients, Less Time

Demands on clinical teams are higher than ever. Practices must maximize the number of patients they treat in a day, just to stay in business. Under such pressure, it’s not practical to review historic case records each time a patient arrives in clinic.

The Power Of Clinical Data

But imagine a future where data from millions of patient records is directly at the physician's fingertips. Imagine if all of this underutilized information could be used to improve patient care and decrease physician cost. That time has come.

What is the future of cancer care?

At Oncora, we envision a future where data is a valuable resource, not an administrative burden.

From Data To Decisions

Doctors will augment their clinical intelligence by leveraging past clinical data. This data will include imaging studies, free-text clinical notes, genetic testing, and more. It will all be located in one place, available to the doctor at the point of care.

Customized Treatment Planning

Each new patient will receive a personalized treatment plan based on the history of their cancer, their genetic make-up, and their functional status. While some patients will respond better to drugs, others will respond better to radiation therapy. We will know which treatment to choose by combining clinical judgment with comprehensive patient data.

Simplified, Cost-Effective Clinical Workflows

Real-time insights based on historical data will help streamline clinical workflows. Treatment plans will be better from the start, reducing the need for iterative dosimetric revisions. These captured savings can be used to provide even better care for patients.

Oncora brings radiation oncology to the next level.

We empower oncologists with data, while keeping them squarely in the driver's seat.

Put Your Data To Work

Oncora integrates patient information from across cancer centers, automatically. Radiation treatment planning data, institution-specific EMR data, and imaging data all enter Oncora's system and are seamlessly presented to the physician through clear visualizations. Each new patient’s data can be displayed and interpreted in the context of previous similar patients. This is how Oncora's technology is using valuable lessons from the past to improve care in the future.

Collaborate And Plan With Your Entire Team

Dosimetrists, physicists, and providers all stand to benefit from up-to-date clinical information. Oncora's dose prescription system will allow all care team members to view patient radiation dosing in context of national standards, institutional averages, and regional benchmarks. Providers are also able to compare treatment plans head-to-head using Oncora's advanced analytics to assess predicted outcomes and adverse events on a patient by patient basis.

Leverage Validated Clinical Models

Physicians can use Oncora’s software to create personalized predictions about a comprehensive set of treatment outcomes. The technology combines advanced techniques from statistics and machine learning with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Clear model validation allows physicians to predict with confidence. With Oncora, oncologists can analyze data with the power of a supercomputer, without leaving the patient's side.

Test Oncora's technology, and see how it can help your team.